How We Are Addressing Service Issues

Our team is continually looking to enhance the traveler experience despite the many obstacles currently present in the travel industry. Over the last several months, we’ve identified and implemented multiple systems to improve our overall client experience to help our travelers get on their way and have a stress-free trip.

First, we recently implemented Call Back Assist across most of our government client base.  Call Back Assist allows a call to remain in our call queue without the traveler needing to remain on hold with us. Many travelers are used to using Call Back Assist technology when they do things like places that have long call queues like airlines or their banks.  The traveler then receives a call back, with a TMC agent already on the line and ready to assist, as soon as their call reaches the front of the call queue. Call Back Assist gives travelers an idea of how far into the queue they are as opposed to waiting on hold for extended periods of time. We understand our travelers are busy, so instead of waiting on hold, they’re able to go about their day, whether that’s continuing to do work-related tasks or simply spending time with their family.

We have also introduced a Live Chat feature, which we continue to expand the available functionality. With Live Chat, travelers can interact with our team without needing to place a phone call and sit on hold. Visit our chat portal here to utilize the chat function. Additionally, we’ve introduced automation where travelers can resolve their own issues, such as a charge card decline due to an invalid expiration date or too low a credit limit without needing to contact us at all.

We understand that sometimes the traveler experience can be frustrating and stressful. Our team is continually working behind the scenes to make your travel experience as stress-free as possible.