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Getting your travelers to their destinations quickly, easily and economically

We specialize in moving groups of 10 or more people by air or bus at the best value for the best price possible. Our web-based tool and group travel experts are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you get your group where they need to go.

Our proprietary online tool, GTS, allows us to work with airlines and bus companies to deliver the most competitive rates for your next deployment, department meeting or other event.

Sato Groups at a glance

  • We provide travel arrangements for groups of 10 or more via air or motor coach
  • We can save you, on average, 16% for group airline bookings
  • We handle travel for more than 4,800 groups every year

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Group service is for 10 or more passengers. If you are looking for support for flight changes, itineraries, vouchers or other similar requests, please use the Travel Office Locator to contact the travel counselors best equipped to assist.

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