serving the world's most important customer

Making Travel Easier for
Government & Military clients

For over 70 years, CWTSatoTravel has served as the nation’s leading provider of travel management fulfillment services to federal government and military travelers. We issue more than 6.5 million transactions annually to U.S. military and government travelers and handle nearly $3 billion in annual sales. 

Our 700+ experienced travel counselors service at almost 190 locations worldwide have expert experience in helping military and government travelers navigate through a complex and ever-changing travel landscape, including new challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we do all this while ensuring travelers are compliant with their agency’s policies and procedures and also meet their specific mission requirements.

As a division of CWT, we have access to resources and new technology that help our customers travel more efficiently and economically.

Stress Free Travel Experience  

Our team works with your agency to achieve your goals while staying compliant with your travel policies and sticking to your travel budget. We provide workable solutions for your travelers from pre-trip planning to submitting expense reports when they return home. Our goal is to make your travel experience as smooth as possible, whether it’s for work or pleasure.

We can arrange travel by pretty much every mode of transportation, from flights, lodging and car rental to unusual needs like dog sleds, pack mules or camels. We handle group travel that may require special arrangements or need different accommodations for their trip.

Our meeting planning and conference services cover your entire event, including booking the venue providing setup of audio visual equipment, catering, and more. Whatever your meeting requires, we’ll make sure it’s ready to go when you start.

Innovative Technology

We use the latest technologies to serve your travel needs as efficiently as possible. A long history in the travel industry gives our company insight into the current travel trends and best practices. It is also our job to stay informed on the latest government travel policies and help your agency’s travelers adapt to any changes that occur.

We are proud to serve you, our U.S. military and government clients, and to offer you the best travel management services available.