Spring Break Travel Tips 2023

After some slowdowns during the winter months, travel is picking up once again now that spring is here and people are looking to get away. Travel during March and April this year is expected to eclipse the travel numbers from 2019. Whether you’re traveling for fun or for business, it can be quite hectic to travel during the height of spring break. Read on below for some helpful springtime travel tips.

Download Airline Apps

We recommend downloading on your phone your airlines travel app. These travel apps are useful for more than just checking your flight status. These apps often have airport maps, a list of food and beverage available onboard, and movies and TV shows available for streaming while in-flight. Some airlines also have a chat function available if you need to talk to an airline representative. Another helpful app is FlightAware. On FlightAware, you can see the big details of your flight as well as things like where your plane is coming from so you can track it.

Use Lounge Buddy to Find Airport Loungs

Speaking of apps, Lounge Buddy is an app that features a database of all of the airline clubs throughout the major airports in the world. All you need to do is plug in your travel dates, airline, and any clubs or credit cards you may have and Lounge Buddy will tell you which clubs you may have access to. You may be able to get lounge access without even realizing it through a credit card you use. An airport club can be a great place to escape to, especially if the main seating areas and restaurants are more full than usual due to increased travelers.

Download the MyTSA App

The MyTSA app is a helpful app the TSA has put together to help travelers plan their trips through security checkpoints. On the app, you can plug in your airport and the time of day you’re traveling, and the app will tell you about how long the typical security wait is at that time. The app also provides helpful tips on preparing for security with a helpful database on what you can and cannot bring through security.

Travel at the Right Time

Most vacation travelers leave on Thursday or Friday and return home on Sunday while those traveling for business leave on Monday and come home on Thursday or Friday. This leaves Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday as usually the slowest days for travel throughout the week. If you can, see if you can leave for your trip maybe on Saturday morning instead of Friday evening to avoid some of the crowds. You’ll find the flights on these days are often cheaper as well. Try to book flights earlier in the day as those avoid afternoon weather and the issues that flights may have had throughout the day that tend to stack up.