Process to Obtain Airline Refunds

The unprecedented increase in flight cancellations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has seen many airlines taking actions to protect themselves by introducing alternative refunding processes and solutions. Acting as the Travel Management Company (TMC) and intermediary between our agency travelers and the airlines, CWTSatoTravel is working hard to process refunds on behalf of our customers, in accordance with respective airline policies.

Travelers can check airlines waiver policies on the CWT website for a full list of consolidated refund policies.

The new refund processes have unfortunately introduced delays in the issuance of ticket refunds – the speed of which are in the hands of the individual airlines. As your TMC, we advise our travelers to continue to notify your agency’s CWTSatoTravel office of any unused travel and request refunds via the normal process. Please do not dispute the charge on the card used to purchase your flight to avoid additional delays in receiving your refund.