FAQs for Leisure Travel Booked Through CWTSatoTravel

We understand that we are living in uncertain times for travelers amidst the COVID-19 health crisis. Below is an FAQ for travelers who recently booked a leisure trip through CWTSatoTravel for the coming months. 

If I need to request a refund, what should I do?

If you purchased a ticket through CWTSatoTravel, contact the CWTSatoTravel office where you purchased the ticket (ideally by phone or email). That office will advise you whether they can process the refund or whether airline policies require you to contact the airline directly (in these cases we can assist with providing points of contact). You can find your office information through our Travel Office Locator

Does CWTSatoTravel charge a fee for rebooking or refunding a ticket?

CWTSatoTravel will waive the processing fee to rebook or refund travel affected by COVID-19 restrictions.

I booked a ticket for leisure travel or leisure in conjunction with travel, but now cannot travel due to either U.S. Government restrictions or travel restrictions in the country I would be traveling to.  How do I obtain a refund?

If the ticket was purchased through CWTSatoTravel, contact the office through which you purchased the ticket to request a refund.

I paid for travel directly to CWTSato Travel, why can’t they just refund the entire cost of my cancelled travel?

When you purchased the ticket, the money went to the airline to pay for your seat. CWTSatoTravel can request a refund on your behalf from applicable airlines in accordance with the rules associated with the ticket you purchased and the airlines' refund policies.

Why isn’t the airline refunding my entire ticket?

The airline may assess charges depending upon the airlines’ policy on ticket changes and or country related-fees, the type of ticket you purchased, and your frequent flyer traveler status with the airline. These fees are established solely by each airline, travel agencies such as CWTSatoTravel have no ability to waive these fees. For more information contact your CWTSatoTravel office and we can provide advice and/or assistance.

I booked a leisure ticket with CWTSato Travel and the carrier has agreed to refund the ticket, can I get the booking fee from CWTSato Travel refunded as well?

No. The initial booking fee CWTSato Travel charged for arranging your travel cannot be refunded as we provided the service. However, as your travel agent we will work to rebook or refund your travel with no additional fees for this additional assistance.

If a customer feels they are not being assisted by their local office, how can one get a higher level of customer service and support?

Please use the Travel Office Locator to find your travel office and select the “Rate Our Service” orange button on the page. This will allow you to describe and escalate any issues that arise.