What is Responsible Travel?

Responsible travel has become an important consideration for travelers, travel planners, and companies  worldwide. But what does responsible travel mean? Responsible travel includes being aware of the social, economic, and environmental impacts of travel. By understanding how your actions can affect a destination, you can make positive, sustainable travel choices.  

Below are some tips on how you can put responsible travel into action when on the road

Conserve Energy, Electricity, and Water
Keep your showers short and turn down the air conditioning in your room when you’re away from the hotel. Consider bringing a reusable water bottle with you—this will cut down on single use containers and save you a few bucks as well. Eat and Shop Local

Eat and Shop Local
Support the local economy by eating and shopping at local establishments. Doing so helps residents and cuts down on emissions from shipping—big box stores and restaurants often bring in supplies  instead of using local vendors and ingredients.

Respect Local Cultures and Customs
One of the amazing parts of travel is experiencing the various customs and traditions of a local culture. Whether it’s the difference between the northeast and southeast United States or the difference between the U.S. and Europe, it’s important to be respectful and learn a bit about some of the cultures you’re visiting before you travel.