Veterans Day: A Focus on Service

In honor of Veterans Day this month, we are highlighting a few of our Veterans within CWTSatoTravel. Two members of our CWTSatoTravel Leadership Team including President, Greg Harkins, and Director of Traveler Experience, Paul Biggs, served our country for a combined total of over 60 years.

Below is a Q&A with both Greg and Paul. 

How long were you in the service? 

Greg: 27 years

Paul: 33 years, 5 months, and 10 days (to be specific!)


Where did you serve?

Greg: I served in the US Army as an Infantry officer. I served in 17 duty locations and more than 50 countries over the span of my time in the Army.

Paul: I served in many different locations throughout my time spent in the Army. Here is an overview:

US Locations – Ft. Bliss, TX; Ft. Knox, KY; Ft. Lewis, WA; Ft. Stewart, GA; Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD; Ft. McNair DC; Ft. Eustis, VA; University of Washington, Seattle.

OCONUS duty locations – Erlangen, Germany; Schweinfurt, GE; & Vilseck, GE.

Deployments – Desert Shield/Storm; Kosovo; (GWOT Deployments) Iraq; Afghanistan


Why did you enter the service?

Greg: I was inspired to serve while growing up around the Army. I was looking for a challenge and hoping for a chance to make a difference.

Paul: I was attracted by the college assistance money.


A focus on service

Greg: It was a tremendous honor to serve as an American Soldier, to lead our fine men and women, and to partner with our Allies. The US military receives a level of support and appreciation that is unmatched…thank you for your support!

Paul: Anyone that was or is a member of the Armed Forces did or does so because of one word – Service. What I most appreciate about the opportunity to work for CWTSatoTravel is that we do so in Service of our customers.  Our customers - US Service Members, Civilian Government Employees, and those that support them – are the best customers in the world.

Pictured above are a few of our CWTSatoTravel Veterans. 

ROW 1 (L to R):

Eric Toftoy, Travel Counselor – U.S. Army 82nd airborne division, service years 1986-1989.

Luis Lumbreras, DTA 9 Navy Travel Counselor -  U.S. Marine Corps Corporal, Marine Aircraft Group (MAG) 39, 3RD Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW), Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron (HMLA)-369, service years 2002 – 2006.

Richard Gonzales, Team Leader, US Coast Guard – U.S. Army, service years 1992 – 1998.

Paul Biggs, Director, Travel Experience – U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major (CSM), service years 1988 – 2021.


ROW 2 (L to R):

Greg Harkins, President – US Army Infantry Officer, service years 1989 – 2020.

Bob Peterson, Director, Supplier Management – U.S. Air Force Ground Radio Operations Specialist, service years 1969-1973.

Anthony Harlan, EVS/VIP Travel Counselor - U.S. Army Private First Class, service years 1981 – 1984.

Ron Ivester, Client Executive, Sato Groups - U.S. Army Specialist, Army 82nd Airborne Ft. Bragg, service years 1968 – 1971.

Rosalie Armstrong, DTA 9 Navy Travel Counselor - U.S. Army Ft Lewis 16 Delta Hawk missile crew ADA.


ROW 3 (L to R):

Carol Forrester, San Antonio Centralized Production Team – U.S. Army Private First Class, service years 1980 – 1981.

Keith Sibley, EVS/VIP Team - U.S. Army  Staff Sergeant, service years 1986 – 1997.

Brandon Booth, DOL Travel Counselor – U.S. Army Armored Crewman (photo from his M-113 Armored Personal Carrier), service years 1971 - 1974.

Peter Bernazky, FDIC Dedicated Travel Counselor - U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, service years 1970 – 1973.

Michael Karl, Travel Counselor – Yeoman Chief Petty Officer (Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist) and YNC (SW) Retired, service years 1988 – 2009.

Loretta Escobedo, DOJ Travel Counselor - U.S. Army Sergeant, service years 1986 – 1995.