TSA PreCheck Expands to the Bahamas

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently announced it expanded its TSA PreCheck program to its first international location, the Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau, Bahamas.

In addition to Nassau, TSA PreCheck is available at more than 200 airports in the United States. The agency is considering opening access at more international locations in the future.

TSA Administrator David Pekoske explains, “This has been an excellent partnership throughout the trial period at Lynden Pindling International Airport, and it serves as a model for further extending TSA PreCheck. Permanently opening this TSA PreCheck lane for travelers who join the risk-based program is a credit to the Government of The Bahamas and the commitment of the officers who are maintaining the highest standards of transportation security.”

As a reminder, TSA PreCheck is available at no cost for members of the U.S. Armed Forces, including those serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, Reserves, National Guard, and cadets and midshipmen of the U.S. Military Academy, Naval Academy, Coast Guard Academy, and Air Force Academy. To ensure the TSA PreCheck indicator appears on your boarding pass, enter the 10-digit DoD ID number located on the back of the Common Access Card (CAC) in the “Known Travel Number” (KTN) field number when making flight reservations or when updating your Defense Travel profile for official travel. U.S. Armed Forces members do not need to be in uniform and may enjoy TSA PreCheck while on personal or official travel. Check out this TSA Travel Tips video for more information.

If you are a DoD Federal Civilian employee, you may also qualify for a complimentary TSA PreCheck membership. To participate, you must first opt in at milConnect to activate your benefit. To ensure future airline reservations automatically include your DoD ID number, save it in your DTS profile. You may also save your DoD ID number in any frequent flyer program profiles of the participating airlines.

Be aware that TSA PreCheck benefits only apply to the service member while they are active, so those departing service and traveling spouses or companions are encouraged to enroll directly. Many credit cards and loyalty programs cover the costs of enrollment, so check out this website to see if your credit card participates. 

Take advantage of this enhanced screening tool on your next trip, now available both within the U.S. and in the Bahamas!