Travel Trends to Watch in 2024

Expect More Electric Vehicles Chargers at Hotels

Hotel companies are adapting and embracing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at their locations. Hilton has led the charge in electric vehicle advancements, recently announcing that they will roll out 20,000 electric vehicle chargers across 2,000 hotels in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico as part of an expanded partnership with Tesla. The chargers will be compatible with any North American EV model. Best Western has also partnered with Tesla to install their universal charging models at hotels across North America

Marriott has also gotten into the electric vehicle game with over 5,500 EV chargers now installed at Marriott properties worldwide, including 1,700 level-three fast chargers. In partnership with EV Connect, Marriott plans to streamline and accelerate their charger installation process at their additional properties around the world.

Choice Hotels has also worked in adding EV charging stations at their properties as well. With many of their properties close to highways, these are a convenient option for travelers on the road.


Multipurpose Hotel Spaces

Many hotels are adding more communal spaces for socializing during happy hours or breakfast and dedicating remote working spaces to provide guests with options outside of their rooms. Expect to see more of these multipurpose spaces as new hotels are built and renovated in the coming year.

Sustainability Is Crucial

“Sustainability” in travel has become more than just a catchy and popular buzzword. Business and leisure travelers are seeking sustainable options when they travel. For example, according to a survey, 64% of American travelers are looking for accommodations with wow-factor sustainability innovation. Additionally, according to a survey conducted by Hilton, two-thirds of travelers say the subject of environmental change can be overwhelming when making travel plans.

Junk Fees will Remain in the Spotlight

President Biden coined the term “junk fees” during his State of the Union Address when referring to the many fees often tacked onto travel purchases in the United States. Since then, these fees have come under intense scrutiny from Congress and other groups and several bills have been proposed and debated in Congress. These “junk fees” are often categorized as things like resort, amenity, cleaning, seat selection. For instance, a hotel may charge a $50 amenity fee which allows you to use their gym, yoga classes and Peloton. However, if you’re busy working all day at an, you’re likely not to use those services, and even in instances like this, those fees are not waived.