Tech Travel Safety Tips

Keep yourself and your technology safe while traveling using  our list of tips and reminders:  

Don’t Post Photos of Your Boarding Pass or Other Travel Documents on Social Media
Boarding passes contain your full name and record locator, which could give thieves access to a treasure trove of personal information. It may be tempting to post a picture of your boarding pass to show off your cool destination, but this is a big no-no and best to be avoided.

Avoid Using Free Public Wi-Fi for Sensitive Tasks
There is generally no harm in using free public Wi-Fi to scroll through your  email, check social media, or get the latest sports scores. However, accessing work files, work email, or online banking information can pose a big risk. Open networks are a hotspot for cybercriminals to hack into and steal your information.  To keep yourself safe, consider logging into your VPN or phone’s hotspot for a more secure connection. 

Steer Clear of Public Charging Stations/Outlets
It’s tempting to plug your phone into an outlet while you’re waiting for your plane at the gate. Unfortunately, according to recent studies, public outlets are easy for cyber criminals to tamper with. Charging your phone in a rigged outlet can infect your phone with malware as a result. Consider investing in a portable charger,  available at most tech stores and Amazon starting at around $20, and save yourself a world of headaches.

Keep an Eye on Your Items
This may seem obvious, but don’t leave your items unattended. It only takes minutes for someone to place spyware on your unsupervised laptop. You’re much better off packing up your stuff to use the restroom at the coffee shop rather than leaving your stuff out in the open.

Keep Your Itinerary and Accommodations Close to the Vest
While it is tempting to share your travel plans with friends and family on social media, they may not be your only audience. Even ‘private’ posts can be shared beyond those you trust. Don’t make it easy for burglars by mentioning that you’re away from home. Also avoid posting details about where you are staying or sharing things like “I’ll be at the conference all day!” to avoid making your empty hotel an easy target.