CWTSatoTravel Awarded Five-Year Renewal of the FedRooms Contract

We are pleased to announce that the General Services Administration (GSA) has re-awarded the five-year FedRooms lodging contract to CWTSatoTravel. Through the FedRooms program, CWTSatoTravel will continue to provide lodging negotiation and management services to all government agencies and military organizations. CWTSatoTravel will work closely with GSA on the FedRooms program, as well as the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) to manage the DoD Preferred Commercial Lodging program.

The FedRooms program is in its 16th year, and has grown to produce over 2.6 million room nights annually in FY18. This 30% year-over-year growth shows the potential for an even bigger impact and a bright future. In 2018, FedRooms enabled a cost avoidance of $30 million for federal agencies, by offering guaranteed room nights at or below per diem.

As the only government-wide, government-sponsored lodging program for federal and military travelers on official business, FedRooms is able to offer exceptional rates and amenities. All FedRooms properties are policy-compliant, meet all safety requirements, are exempt from hidden fees and include negotiated amenities like free WiFi and free parking. We are excited for another year of growth and service to our military and government travelers.