Has Your Face Been Scanned?

Biometric screening is the latest technology to sweep the security industry. Everything from our phones to our front doors can be opened with facial recognition software, so it’s no surprise that TSA is jumping on board to see if this is the secret to simplifying the airport security process.

Facial recognition technology is currently being tested in small batches around the country, such as at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Travelers have the option to participate in this test, during which live facial images will be compared to identification documents. While cutting down wait times at security check points may be a perk, the  technology’s main benefit is it’s incredible accuracy at identifying imposters.

The process works like this: a Credential Authentication Technology device will capture images of your identity documents with biometric accuracy, while detailed and precise images are also taken of your face. The two pieces of data will be cross-referenced to determine a match. But don’t worry, TSA isn’t storing this highly personal information. The data will be removed daily and transferred to the DHS Science and Technology Directorate.

TSA hopes to be using this technology on 97% of travelers by 2022. Next time you visit the airport, keep an eye out for information on the process, and try participating in a test run if it is offered at your local airport. It may be the future of travel, so it's time to start adjusting!