Delta Airlines Using Parallel Reality to Enhance Travel Experience

Are you planning to fly though Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) soon? In a move to enhance the personal customer experience, Delta Airlines has rolled out a unique Parallel Reality program at DTW that is sure to be a head-turner (literally). After passing through the TSA checkpoint at DTW, customers will see the Parallel Reality experience in the A Concourse in the McNamara Terminal.

All customers are welcome to interact with the experience. Ticketed passengers can simply scan their boarding pass. Customers enrolled in digital identity through the Fly Delta App can activate facial recognition at the exhibit kiosk.  

Leveraging multi-view pixels and proprietary technology, the Parallel Reality experience allows each customer to see personalized in-language messaged specifically tailored to them as they walk past the digital screen. Some of the tailored messaged include personalized wayfinding, like directions to your gate, flight info, and updates to your boarding time.

This experience will always be opt-in, and customer information is not stored. This move by Delta along with other experiences using facial recognition technology are all done to help improve the customer experience starting from when you arrive at the airport to when you exit at your destination.