First 100 Pets Have Been Safely Transported Thanks to Airpets America


Relocating a household is strenuous, and more so when it also requires transporting a family pet or two.  There are a myriad of requirements for pet moves, including when and how a pet can be moved, country and airline specific regulations, and what documentation is required. To take the stress out of this process for military families, in 2018 CWTSatoTravel partnered with Airpets America, a woman-owned small business, to arrange safe and reliable moving services for the furry members of your family.

Airpets America has over 20 years of pet transport experience and over 35 years of animal care experience. They help travelers every step of the way, from crating to airport transfer to in-flight accommodations, along with providing a discount for CWTSatoTravel customers. Since the beginning of our partnership, Airpets has fulfilled 110 pet shipments for our military and government travelers, many of which were to international destinations. Airpets America consistently provides personalized care and a safe, comfortable flight for each pet.